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A Selection of the CD and Digital Audio and Video Jukeboxes
we supply, install and service

The Nostalgia Jukebox range from Sound Leisure combine quality wood, aluminium and chrome craftmanship echoing the originals of the 1940's and 50's with modern technology which allow the mechanism to hold up to 80 CDs giving you up to 2500 of your favourite tracks.

These Jukeboxes are manufactured to withstand the rigours they face in pubs and bars where they are expected to work problem-free twelve hours a day, seven days a week.

Other Models include The Jubilee, The Gazelle and The Micro

We have a range of the most modern Digital Jukeboxes.

No CDs! No Moving parts!

All the latest music available through touch-screen interaction.

Features include:

  • Full on-screen programming
  • Artist and Track display
  • A-Z search facility
  • Intellegent Music Management System
  • 300 watt stereo amplifier
  • All the latest tracks - often before general release
  • Comprehensive advertising capability

Video Merchant & DJlink can hold up to 500 individually selectable music videos (like a jukebox) plus any advertising media you want to show between tracks - Ideal for smaller bars and clubs.

The 'Video Stars' combines the Digital Video Jukebox technology in the traditional Super Stars cabinet.

Features include:

  • Traditional high quality finish.
  • Will hold up to 300 full-length video tracks.
  • Unparalleled advertising capability.
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